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What are the ways to extend the use time of waterproof connectors?

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Update time : 2021-10-20 15:49:21
The appearance of the waterproof connector is ever-changing. The user mainly chooses from the straight shape, the curved shape, the outer diameter of the wire or cable, and the fixing requirements with the shell, the volume, the weight, whether to connect the metal hose, etc., for the use on the panel The waterproof joints should be select-ed from the aspects of beauty, shape, color and so on.

In the process of using waterproof connectors, care should be taken to maintain and inspect them, so as not to increase the service life of the connectors and save resources for us.

In the first line, you should be familiar with the termination specifications and inspect the connectors before terminating the waterproof connector. After the inspection is complete, perform the termination in strict accordance with the specifications or requirements, and pay special attention to the termination according to the corresponding node number. The maximum thickness of the insulation layer between the select-ed cable conductors must match the spacing of the contacts, and the cable core must match the terminals of the contacts, and the contacts should be spanned and paralleled. The power of the electric soldering iron to choose when welding the waterproof joint is determined by the diameter of the bare wire. The welding time should be less than 5 seconds. In order to prevent the insulation resistance of the product from decreasing, the flux must not penetrate into the insulator during welding.

Secondly, when cleaning the waterproof connector joints, you can choose absolute ethanol and use high-grade silk cloth for cleaning. Do not use chemical solvents such as acetone for cleaning, because these cleaning agents may have harmful effects on the electrical connector. After washing, it must be thoroughly dried before use.

Third, it is necessary to prevent the waterproof connector joint box from getting wet. Finding and analyzing the reasons for the dampness of the waterproof connector box and taking measures are of great significance to preventing accidents. The waterproof joint box of the substation seems to be a simple accessory equipment, and its management and maintenance are often overlooked. However, the current situation is that the terminal block of a considerable part of the waterproof joint box in some substations is very corroded, which seriously affects the safe operation of the equipment. Therefore, it is very necessary to strengthen the selection of waterproof joint box, construction process management and operation and maintenance.
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