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What are the criteria for the selection of waterproof connectors for power equipment?

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Author : E-WEICHAT
Update time : 2021-10-23 22:11:31
The use of waterproof connectors for the mutual connection of outdoor and indoor power equipment is to ensure reliable power and signal connections on the basis of ensuring waterproof. Due to the many complex factors in the current use environment of electronic devices, especially in water, there are countless electronic devices working in the water, and the function of waterproof connectors is required to ensure the normal operation of the device. Especially mobile phones, computers, white goods, homes, outdoor lighting, street lights, guardrails, breeding, floor heating, riverside neon lights, medical products, and automobiles use a large number of waterproof connectors, which greatly ensure the safety of outdoor and indoor power consumption The main point is that in our daily life, we must pay attention to these places and develop the habit of safe use of electricity. Then, let’s learn about the standards for the waterproof and dustproof interconnection of power equipment and the selection of waterproof connectors. !

  The advantages of waterproof connector

   1. In addition to the waterproof function, it also has the function of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and prevention of corrosion of the connector by several acidic substances in the water.

  2. The waterproof connector is a high-quality, highly-designed product for working environment with water. Therefore, safety certification and test reports are essential. While ensuring that the equipment provides customers with a reasonable connection plan, it will also bring a sense of safety and reliability.

       Waterproof connector

  3. The waterproof connector has the characteristics of quick and convenient installation.

  4, waterproof grade, excellent sealing performance.

  Waterproof connector is suitable for continuous immersion under a certain pressure, which can prevent water intrusion from completely continuous immersion. Waterproof connectors can be select-ed for normal use. The waterproof connector is suitable for us to be immersed in water, the water depth is less than 10 meters, and it can be used normally.

   Generally speaking, waterproof connectors are often used for street lamps, guardrail pipes, breeding, and floor heating. Waterproof connectors are used for long-term contact with water in such waterproof aspects as ship shipping and riverside neon lights.

  Waterproof connectors are also waterproof plugs with wires, and there are also waterproof plugs without wires.

   Also, people with bad habits should pay special attention to water and electricity. In life, it is very dangerous for many people to check the power supply with their hands holding water. Even if a waterproof plug is used and water slips onto the socket, it will inevitably cause unnecessary safety accidents.

   The above is the standard of the waterproof connector used for the intercommunication of power equipment, waterproof and dustproof, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact us EWEICHAT waterprooof connector!
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