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How to choose the waterproof connector of the LED display?

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Update time : 2021-10-19 15:14:42
led waterproof connector
Since the outdoor environment is relatively harsh compared to indoors, hot and rainstorms are visible for a long time. Therefore, when companies choose waterproof connectors for LED displays, we should also choose to prevent high temperatures. We should not only look at the specifications, but go beyond the specifications and pay attention to the actual situation. The situation encountered in the application. As part of the specifications select-ed for the planning and production of LED waterproof connectors are learned from other occupations in practice, and because the career application time is relatively short, many clauses do not meet and meet the rapidly changing requirements of LED waterproof connectors. For example, the evaluation of anti-aging data is only abstractly applicable to field engineering applications, but how to define it depends on the product itself, which remains to be tested. The life of the field engineering application is subject to the "skill application life" approved by the project manufacturer, which directly affects the selection and planning of commodity materials, which is also the reason for the wide variety of LED connector materials.

In addition, the requirement of a single standard clause is relatively low, which means that the quality threshold is very low, thus forming a variety of family workshops that can be produced at will. Some test specifications were tested in a "standard static environment". After the occurrence of an engineering accident, it was found that the retested connectors were still qualified according to the specifications. why? Because the laboratory test selects the standard terms and the standard environment, the application environment is very different. For example, the cable fixing head of the connector tail M16 requires cable grip and torsion resistance. The standard only says that the tensile force reaches 80N. The torque resistance value is greater than 0.45N.m, but the waterproof connector may be artificially twisted in practice, so the actual data may be far from the standard value. This force remains between the two connectors for a long time. After a long period of field application, the connector is usually not waterproof or may be broken due to poor contact.

Look at the production quality control system of the connector factory. Correction and inspection procedures for unqualified products have affected the quality of goods, that is, only 100% qualified. In the long run, good quality system control is the most important factor for lighting manufacturers to choose connector manufacturers. Otherwise, "small things are wise, big things are confused." Generally speaking, it has a larger production scale, a skill inspection equipment company, and a correspondingly higher level of product quality control and stability.
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