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What are industrial landscape lighting connectors advantages?

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Update time : 2021-09-09 16:03:26
Street lights are one of the most important infrastructures in a city, and they play an important role in ensuring traffic travel and safety. According to relevant data, there were more than 27.38 million road lights in my country in 2018. Today, the overall scale of street lights has already surpassed this data. Shenzhen connector brand E-WEICHAT waterproof connector electrical found that in addition to traditional street lights, new street lights such as solar LED street lights and smart street lights have emerged, which together build a safety barrier for night travel.
According to E-WEICHAT Electric, today's urban street lamps can be described as all-encompassing. Traditional street lamps, solar LED street lamps, smart street lamps and other forms of street lamps exist in parallel. LED solar street lights, because of their high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, easy maintenance, etc., are becoming the darling of urban road lighting new, renovation (expansion) projects, and the compound growth rate is increasing. In addition, smart street lights are an important source of information collection for the Internet of Things and an important entry point for smart cities. Many cities with forward-looking layouts continue to increase the number of smart street lights construction projects. From the above signs, E-WEICHAT landscape lighting connectorselectrical insights, the future street lamp market, whether it is a large-scale industry, or the prospects for development, there is great room for imagination.
E-WEICHAT landscape lighting connectors, as an influential domestic industrial connector manufacturer brand, combined with its own advantages, has long been importing professional connector product support and technical services for the street lamp industry ecological chain. Here to share the application cases of E-WEICHAT waterproof connector electrical professional connection technology solutions and high-quality industrial connector products in the street lighting industry. In the connection solutions for traditional street lights, led solar street lights and other street lights, power connectors such as LP-12/16/20 are used to provide power input connections for street light sources; in connection solutions for smart street lights In addition to the above-mentioned power connector, signal connectors, such as the RJ45 signal connector of the LP series, will be used to transmit the collected sensor signals.

The reason why the connection scheme and products of E-WEICHAT landscape lighting connectors can be successfully applied to the street lamp industry is that the above-mentioned series of connector products of E-WEICHAT waterproof connector electrical show adaptability and high reliability in the application scenario of street lamps. Advantages and features:
1. Waterproof and corrosion resistant, no fear in outdoor conditions

The outdoor service conditions of street lights determine that waterproofing is just necessary. At the same time, the road is the most dense place for car exhaust, and a large amount of harmful components in the exhaust will cause salt spray corrosion hazards. E-WEICHAT landscape lighting connectors electrical industrial connector products adopt an integrated shell design with a waterproof inner ring. In the connected state, it can reach the waterproof requirement of IP65 or higher, effectively coping with the impact of rain, fog, dust and other environments; at the same time; The main body is made of PBT plastic material, which is resistant to salt spray and acid corrosion, which effectively protects the housing and internal components of the industrial connector from damage;

2. Good vibration resistance, worry-free traffic

The intensive traffic of road vehicles will form strong vibration on the road surface, which requires high reliability of industrial connector connections. E-WEICHAT landscape lighting connectors The electrical industrial connector has high overall strength. It adopts a snap lock method and has a large holding force. Under the external impact of continuous strong vibration on the road surface, it will not cause any looseness, poor contact or fall off of the connector. And other phenomena;

3. Resistance to high and low temperature, no worries about extreme weather

Outdoor service conditions and regional climate influences, high or low temperature are also a major factor in the test of the connector. Extreme high and low temperature will damage the insulating material, cause the insulation resistance and the withstand voltage performance to decrease, and make the connector performance decrease or even fail. The above-mentioned industrial connector products of E-WEICHAT waterproof connector meet the wide-area wide temperature range of -25~+85℃, and can adapt to the long-term continuous and stable operation of street lights in most temperature environments;

4. Continuous power supply with little temperature rise

Street lights will generally continue to illuminate for 12H+, and temperature rise changes are an important indicator to consider. E-WEICHAT waterproof connector electrical industrial connector, using high-quality contact material, can meet the high current, high voltage conduction, low impedance, in the case of long-term continuous power supply, the temperature rise is not large, within the safety standard, Don't worry about overheating, it's safer and more reliable;
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5. Efficient conduction, fidelity and reliable signal

The smart street lamp integrates sensors, power line carrier/ZIGBEE communication technology and wireless communication technology. How to transmit the collected signal to the back end efficiently, without delay, and fidelity is the key to the realization of the function of the smart street lamp. Low-quality contacts are prone to rapid wear, corrosion and oxidation, while high-quality contact materials can effectively avoid signal failures. The above-mentioned industrial-grade signal connectors of E-WEICHAT landscape lighting connectors are both in terms of contact material and plating thickness. The superior level scheme is adopted to ensure the efficient signal transmission, and the structure design of anti-electromagnetic interference ensures that the data signal collected by the smart street lamp is efficiently and stably transmitted to the back end.
Over the past century, street lights have been constantly evolving and iterating as an important infrastructure for urban development. In the future, words such as energy saving and wisdom will become the mainstream footnotes of street lamps. Through understanding, E-WEICHAT waterproof connectors, such as LED street lights, solar street lights, smart street lights, etc. are becoming typical representatives of the new generation of street lights, and are considered to be the preferred solution for the iterative transformation of urban road lighting. E-WEICHATlandscape lighting connectors, as a professional industrial connector manufacturer brand, for the development and upgrade iteration of urban road lighting, continuously provides professional connection technical support and competitive industrial connector product services for global urban streets Lighting provides strong support for the development and transformation of energy saving, green, technology, and wisdom.
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