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What is the landscape light connector like?

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Update time : 2021-09-13 18:56:17
The night in the city is so colorful that people can't bear to return. One of the most important reasons is the icing on the cake with the landscape light connector. Various lights of different colors embellish the streets, parks, and buildings of the city with brilliance, which is very beautiful. Today, I will introduce the application of industrial connectors in urban landscape lighting.
What is a landscape light connector? The landscape light connector is no longer limited to ordinary lighting functions, it also assumes the role of outdoor art decoration and beautification of the environment. Landscape light connectors can be divided into three categories: road landscape lighting, garden square landscape lighting and architectural landscape lighting. Relying on a variety of brilliant lights and the perfect match of the spatial layout of roads, squares and buildings, it creates a beautiful and very beautiful sense of sight. Shenzhen EWEICHAT Electric believes that through the landscape light connector, you can create a beautiful night lighting environment, create a city livable environment, shape the city's image card, and bring more vitality to the city's commerce and tourism. The landscape light connector is dazzling and charming, and behind it is the landscape light connector system undertaking the work behind the scenes. Including light on and off, color, brightness and darkness, dynamic changes, etc., all need this system to cooperate, of course, it also needs to use a variety of industrial connectors. One is that a single or a single group of lamps and lanterns will use the same power source, so the power connector will be used to connect the power supply; the second is the conduction of the control signal in a series of light visual change adjustments, and the signal connector will be used for the high-speed stability of the control signal. transmission.

EWEICHAT Electric, as a professional industrial connector brand with mature technology, reliable quality and good service in China, can provide connection technology and product support for many industries. Among them, the landscape light connector is a major application field of EWEICHAT Electric. EWEICHAT's EW series power connector, EW-24 special power connector, etc. are used to provide power connection; EW series signal connector, EW-RJ45 special signal connector, etc. are used for control signal transmission. The above-mentioned industrial connectors of EWEICHAT Electric fully meet the technical requirements of the landscape lamp connector system in terms of mechanical performance, electrical performance, environmental performance and matching degree of the product: 1. Excellent waterproof and corrosion resistance performance, no fear of outdoor environment The luminaires of the landscape light connector system are in an outdoor environment, and some connections are in an open or semi-closed environment, and there is a risk of intrusion such as rain, fog or salt fog corrosion. The above-mentioned industrial connectors of EWEICHAT Electric are designed in accordance with high-standard industrial protection standards to minimize gaps and achieve tight waterproofing at the gaps, which can reach IP65 protection level or higher. At the same time, they are made of corrosion-resistant materials to ensure excellent waterproof and corrosion resistance. Make the landscape light connector system run stably and reliably; 2. The light status or instantaneous change: the control signal is high-speed without delay The light status of most landscape light connectors is instantaneously changeable, so the fidelity, high speed, delay and other aspects of the control signal The requirements are strict, so as to ensure the colorful, realistic and immersive effects of the landscape light connector. EWEICHAT electrical signal connector adopts anti-interference shielding structure design, has electromagnetic compatibility, helps reduce crosstalk and maintains signal integrity, and can transmit light control signals at high speed; 3. Large current stable transmission: effective response to temperature rise EWEICHAT The electrical power connector has a high-strength conductivity pin core, which effectively responds to changes in temperature caused by current. Under the power supply of landscape lighting, it is safer, more reliable and stable. landscape light connector
Nowadays, with the continuous development of cities, the demand for commerce, culture, tourism, etc. has increased, which has given rise to the continuous increase in the demand for landscape light connectors. At present, many cities are planning and deploying urban landscape light connectors to integrate lighting with urban humanities, history, characteristics and other elements to create new urban business cards with more urban characteristics and symbols.
The increasing demand for landscape lighting has also driven up the demand for landscape light connector systems and other related software and hardware. Among them, industrial connectors are extremely critical components, which are responsible for ensuring the stable and smooth operation of the entire system. EWEICHAT Electric, with nearly 20 years of professional industrial connector research and development and manufacturing experience, provides professional connection technology and product services for landscape light connector systems with quality and service. In the future, EWEICHAT Electric will continue to work with landscape lighting system integrators to help the development of the landscape lighting industry with more compatible and technologically powerful products, and contribute EWEICHAT power to urban development and beautification projects.
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