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What is the aviation plug waterproof connector?

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Author : E-WEICHAT
Update time : 2021-10-21 17:56:05
Aviation plug, also known as aviation plug, a kind of waterproof connector, originated from the military industry. Because of its convenient use, wide selection, easy signal distinction, firm connection, and stable signal transmission, it is widely used in various electrical circuits. In short, it is precisely because of the obvious advantages of aviation plugs that aviation plugs are widely used in the construction machinery industry, such as automobile parts production lines, electrical and electrical systems, instrumentation, minerals, oil and gas drilling anticorrosion projects, wind energy It is widely used in fields such as solar energy and other fields, as well as automated substations, etc., and is more and more satisfying the needs of customers, and has been favored by customers.

   What does the aviation plug waterproof connector look like? Yanwei editor secretly posted a picture, as shown below:waterproof wire connector
Industrial tablet computers, as the name suggests, refer to those used in industrial scenarios. They are generally called three-proof tablet computers and rugged tablet computers because of their special and complex application conditions. The interface of the tablet computer is required to have good firm performance. Even in the case of vehicle-mounted or high-speed bumps, the interface must be transmitted stably. At this time, interfaces such as USB can no longer meet customer needs. The advantage comes out.

   Yanwei believes that the tablet PC integrated with the waterproof connector aviation plug interface has the following advantages:

  1. Waterproof. The main evaluation standard for the waterproof performance of the waterproof aerial plug is based on the ip waterproof grade standard. Look at the waterproof performance of the waterproof aerial plug, mainly look at the two digits XX at the back of IPXX, the first X is from to 6, the highest level is 6; the second digit is from to 8, the highest level is 8; therefore, the waterproof connector The highest waterproof rating is IP68. Sealing principle: Rely on up to 5 sealing rings and sealing rings to pre-tighten the seal with pressure. This kind of seal will not lose the pre-tightening force when the connector expands and shrinks, and the waterproof effect is guaranteed for a long time. Water molecules cannot penetrate under ordinary pressure.

  2. Anti-vibration and strong connection. For circular aviation plugs, there are mainly three ways: threaded connection, bayonet connection and marble connection. Either way, it can be fixed and locked by the connecting seat, which is stable relative to the USB interface and other forms.
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